Beyonce talks about Kanye’s VMA outburst


Beyonce by Azed Live in Marseille


Beyonce has finally broken her silence regarding Kanye West’s “interruption” at the Video Music Awards in September.

Beyonce Knowles lost to Taylor Swift for Best Female Video which prompted Kanye to storm the stage and grab the microphone from Swift as she accepted her award. Beyonce now says that she understands West’s motivation.

“Well, I knew his intentions, and I knew he was standing up for art; and he told me before, when they said the nominees, he’s like, ‘You have this award,'” she told O: The Oprah Magazine editor-at-large Gayle King.

“When they didn’t call my name he was, like, completely shocked,” Knowles, 28, added. “And when he walked on the stage, I was like, ‘No, no, no!’ and then he spoke, and I was like, ‘Oh, no, no, no!’ ”

Later in the evening Beyonce won Video of the Year and she graciously called Swift back on stage to let the Best Female video award winner finish her speech.

“In the end, it ended up being a great night, and Taylor Swift did get her moment – and I didn’t have to make an acceptance speech,” Knowles added with a laugh.

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photo by: Mr Azed

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  1. isabella1990 says

    Beyonce really had the best reaction to what Kanye did.
    Like the classy individual she is, she took the high road and put the spotlight back on Taylor.
    You can tell a lot about a person by the way they react in certain situations – so it’s obvious what kind of character Beyonce has – as well as show exactly who Kanye is!

  2. blurayal says

    Looks like Taylor has had the last word. She pretty much cleaned up at the CMA rewards. Good for her she deserved it!

  3. samonman says

    isablella1990 i think she did the right thing! i dont like her personally but i know she did the right thing on tylor

  4. Ter says

    kanye west was just being kanye west..what he did was wrong but the dude i think really has some really mental issues

  5. Career descriptions says

    I wonder what would happen if someone else stormed the stage if Kanye West wins an award and declares that he didnt deserve it. I think there would be fireworks.

  6. Matt says

    I saw Kanye live in Birmingham, England, and wondered why he didnt speak all through the performance. At th eend he explained that he did it as a show, like theatre, as he started out in film studies and art and that is how he wanted his gigs to be. Essentially the man is just passionate about what he does but perhaps didnt go about things in the right manner!!

  7. Celeb News says

    Both Taylor & Beyonce were great & deserve prizes but you can feel that kanye was a bit drunk which made him seem a bit unstable.

  8. Tony from Chicago says

    I like Beyonce so much. The ways she sings, her songs, her voice and she’s sexy. Taylor Swift is good too but I like more Beyonce.

  9. MissSapphire says

    I can’t decide who I like better, Beyonce or Taylor, because they have such a different style, but both of them are good in their own way…