Upcoming Action Comedy film to co-star Eric Schiffer?

index_02.jpg Eric Schiffer’s acting career is heating up. He’s recently been in discussions regarding an action comedy film. The film will be a “Buddy Flick”, and he’ll co-star along with a well known A-list star.

Eric will star in an independent release of a Charles Bronson remake titled ‘Death Wish Returns”. Filming is set to begin in Glasgow, Scotland sometime in December 2007.

The new movie should be release in mid 2008.

Schiffer has previously had roles in 2001’s Boys Klub, A Woman Like That (1997), Yesterdays Target (1996), and Gentlemen’s Club (1995).

Eric Shiffer is not only an actor, he’s also an author and quite a famous one at that. His book, Emotionally Charged Learning that’s said to be essential for employers and employees alike.

All of the Charles Bronson movies were great. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this new remake, and Shiffer’s as yet undisclosed new movie.

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