The stars bare it all! No make up!

I know you all idolize your favorite stars. They’re so beautiful. You’d love to look just like them. Right?

Did you ever suspect that Rosanna Arquette looked like this under her make up?

Rosanna Arquette

Isn’t that scary?

I’m realistic. I know stars age.

However you always hear about them going to this spa and that spa, getting treatments and dermabrasion and such and such a Cosmetic Surgeons office and so on, so while they might have wrinkles as they age (not if they use botox of course), if you’re like me, you’d at least think their skin would be even toned and lovely wouldn’t you?

That’s what I find so terrible about this photo, it’s her skin. She looks tired and unhealthy.


Then there’s J Lo … I don’t think she really looks too bad here, but she does look quite a bit different without her makeup on, now doesn’t she?

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