Clematis Jackmanii gone wild

Wordless Wednesday


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  1. I took this picture perhaps three years ago. The clematis has only grown bigger in that time. It’s absolutely lovely when it’s in bloom. We now have a number of tall roses in front of the vine but it’s still quite visible when it’s putting on it’s outragous show.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. ~ Stacy ~ says:

    Very nice. I wish I would have found the time to plant flowers this year.

  3. Oh well… LET IT GO! It’s gorgeous! I love clematis! All varieties!

  4. Wystful 1 says:

    that is sooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!! (my W W is up)

  5. That’s just beautiful!

  6. PixiePincessMom says:

    I’m so wanting you to come & do my flowerbeds. You have a beautiful green thumb going there! 🙂

  7. ribbiticus says:

    aboslutely lovely! love that sundial! mine’s up! 😉