Finally, a clothing line for the large busted woman

Judging from the responses that I get on this blog I must assume that a large number of my readers are women. Certainly the more vocal readers are women at the very least. So that’s why I decided to tell you about Eris Apparel and their new line of clothing.

Their new garment sizes are made specifically for the large busted woman. Fortunately or unfortunately this is not a problem that I have – mine is more the long leg, high-waisted, poor fitting garment problem.

I do however understand that large busted women may have a very difficult time finding blouses and jackets that fit properly. The shirts may fit in the arm, and shoulders and the overall size might be correct but the top is often too tight in the bust. Well, now you don’t have to worry about that. Not if you purchase some of the beautiful lines of clothing being introduced by Eris Apparel you won’t. They’ve designed clothing that will fit an average sized woman who just happens to also be large busted. Women with cup sizes of D to G will find this new line of clothing particularly helpful.

Visit the Eris Apparel website to see their whole line of clothing ranging from Blouses, bras, dresses and outwear plus many more items. I think you’ll be pleased with the quality and style of their selection.

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  1. Rototiller says:

    Thanks for this post. My size is pretty large. I got struck when go for swimming. When it comes to buying swimwear for large busted women, most manufacturers don´t seem to have taken into account the fact that we are not all perfectly proportioned like the shop dummies.

  2. It can be tough to find clothes that fit your unique body measurements, especially online due to the fact that you can’t try anything on.

  3. Kate Pemberton says:

    Im a size 8, 30G and I use a great clothing company in England called Miss Fit UK. Really stylish and affordable

  4. Linda Dobson says:

    Wow, this goes hand in hand with my blog. I’ve actually tried Eris and a few others but I prefer Miraclesuit swimwear. It’s great stuff. I like it so much I made a blog about it lol.

  5. Great post. A friend of mine has this exact problem, she is a tiny Korean girl with huge boobs. I think a men’s line addressing this same problem would be successful, my husband works out a lot and can never find shirts that fit him because the shirts that fit his arms, neck, and shoulders, end up making him look like he is swimming in fabric around his trim waste. He ends up having to by “tailored” shirts, then paying to get them tailored even further, which after all is said and done is around $120 ea just for a dress shirt to wear with his suits. That is the cheapest he can get away with, usually they are closer to 200 ea.

  6. So sad that Eris Apparel went out of business. I’ve seen some of their stuff in DC area at Bastien’s in the Gaithersburg mall. I also saw a line called Carissa Rose there. I think that one is still alive.

  7. I’m over 5 11, wear a size 22 and my bra size is a 42 K, bras and clothes that fit well on top is so hard!

  8. Designer Shirts for Men says:

    I experience the same problem as a man. I’m very tall (6Ft3) and skinny (175 lbs). My arms are so long. Thus, I can find the fit for my torso, but never for my arms. Only Big & Tall shirts fit my arms, and totally Baggy around my torso. I’ve concluded and accepted that I will always have to fold my shirts’ sleeves and to focus only on my torso’s fit.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t believe a man has any understanding about the problems a large busted woman has .
    I must admit finding clothes to fit is hard to do. 🙁

    • Elizabeth did you get the idea that I’m a man writing this blog? Uh huh … I’m a woman and while not large busted I do understand how difficult it is to find a bra that fits well.

  10. i’m a funky size i’m 32 gg went up to a h when i had me kids and im a size 12 on top and 12 to 14 on bottom that’s without the nockers,i found bravisimo and there clothes line pepperberry worked for me they look quite fashionable and it has extra material around the bust area im 25 and all i can fined in clothes that are for the bigger boobed girly looked like what my gran would where but that place isn’t that bad at all.the best thing is they have opened stores and they do bras and swimwear,just wish they did maternity wear hope it helps xxxxx