Sammy Russell Day Lily

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I love day lilies.

I only wish that their blooms would last for days and that they would rebloom over and over again all season. Yes, some day lilies do rebloom once or twice in a season but not all of them do. This day lily, the Sammy Russel, happens to rebloom at least once per season.

It’s a lovely deep maroon shade. The bloom are quite large and they stand out in the garden beds quite nicely. I can’t wait until the day lilies and all of my other flowers begin to bloom again.

Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As the Garden Grows for more information.

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  1. Wow? I can’t believe that the Green Thumb Sunday home site hasn’t had any visitors? We have 50 members – where is everyone?

    Should I cancel this whole meme?

  2. I’m here. Had to wait until late in the day because I had too many Sunday chores, lol! I haven’t had any vistors from it either, though.

    Lovely bloom! I really need to look at putting more color in my gardens.

  3. Yes, I can´t wait either until everything blooms, but it is starting now and the garden looks greener now!
    The maroon shade of your day-lily is very attractive, I have a similar no-name one but it is blooming very late in the year, so I have to wait quite a while for it.

  4. I am here too, I came by most sites early in the morning and only caught a couple of posts, so I decided to wait until later.
    Thanks for the addition and comment on my journal.
    Amazing colour on your lily, such a deep red, I have written that down and will try to find it, would look great against our home.

  5. Please don’t cancel this meme … it is wonderful. I am getting very impatient for something – anything!! – to bloom so that I can post a flower to GT Sunday.

    This lily is such a rich, deep colour – I love it. It is so much more interesting than the bright orange ones that seem to pop up in my garden from time to time!