My turtles have adopted me

Yesterday I was sitting at my desktop computer, minding my own business as I worked and I felt eyes staring at me. No it wasn’t my elderly neighbor peeking at me from her dining room window this time.

It was my box turtles!


They often watch me as I work on the computer. Well, Spaz, the male box turtle is absolutely in love with Myrtle the female box turtles so he mostly stares at Myrtle. Myrtle on the other hand stares at me.

I’m starting to wonder if they think I’m a turtle too? I mean when I’m working away on the computer I don’t move all that much more than they do. Yes, I get up and make myself a drink every now and then or take a washroom break, but when I’m working I’m often at the computer for hours.

It can’t be all that exciting to watch me work, but I guess I’m the only entertainment my turtles have most of the time.

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  1. Malin (Indoor Gardener) says:

    Ooooh! I want box turtles too! My inner ten year old is jumping up and down with entusiasm 🙂

  2. Well how cool is that! He looks very healthy. How many do you have? I find their markings fascinating.

  3. Silvia / Salix says:

    Cute! Do they live outside?

  4. Tricia,

    I had to smile when I read about Spaz and his love for Myrtle. They probably do think you are one of them … and wish that they had computers too!!

  5. Nice photo.

    Do they have names or have you numbered them?

  6. Turtles can be as weird as those old folks without any hobbies of their own all they have to do is watch people, there you go – like old people.


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