The meaning of Roses

Do you love Roses? If you’ve been reading my site you know that I do! I grow over 60 different types of roses. I know that most people, well almost all women, enjoy the surprise of having roses delivered unexpectedly to their home, or office.

The gift of a rose can say so many things – from love to friendship to compassion. If you’ve ever been curious about what the color of roses really means you should visit the ProFlowers meaning of roses page. The main page has a brief summary of what each color means, but if you click the descriptive line for each rose color you’ll be taken to a page that has quite a bit of information about that roses particular color. Did you know that orange roses symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance? I bet you probably would have guessed that that would describe a red rose, wouldn’t you?

The next time you want to send roses to someone take a look at the Meaning of Roses page and send them roses that reflect how you really feel about that person.

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  1. What a great thought provoking article Tricia. I will certainly think about the colour before I buy in future!
    Sara from farmingfriends

  2. I didn’t realize the colors could mean something but when I did look at the website the colors and their meanings are perfect and go well together.

    I love the look on your partners face when you give’em a red rose. It’s awesome. Especially if it’s a surprise.

  3. Las Vegas Realtor says:

    I knew that certain colors were sending different messages. Heading over there now to take a look. My favorite rose is the Tropicana. Roses are about the only flowers you can grow here in Las Vegas. The heat usually wipes out everything else.

  4. Deaf Musician says:

    They have Orange colored roses? I never knew that!