Ever tried hypnosis to cure a problem or fear?

I don’t know if any of you have tried using self hypnosis tapes before, but I decided to write about them today because I’ve been thinking of trying them as a way to manage my pain. It can’t hurt to try, that’s what I figure anyway!

If you’ve ever wanted to try hypnosis in order to cure a problem or habit that you might have – such as over eating, weight loss motivation, anxiety, pain control, or to stop smoking now might be the time to give it a try.

If you are interested you can simply visit http://www.instant-hypnosis.com/ and take a look at the over 300 hypnosis downloads that are available to be downloaded instantly.

Right now they are offering multi-purchase discounts and free Mp3 software with each purchase. Apparently the more you buy the cheaper they get! You can purchase a few downloads for yourself or perhaps get one or two as gifts for other people in your life that might have problems that they’d like to try to work on. Oh and they offer free international shipping so that’s a bonus right there!

Visit the site to see the various Hypnosis downloads.

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  1. Hypnotism newbie says:

    Looks interesting.. I think i should also give it a try.

  2. Jake@ Hypnosis says:

    I’ve used hypnosis is the past to help me fall to sleep. It works very well.