Scary vegetables

Wordless Wednesday

Combat veggies

I found this photo on the net and I just loved it!

I love how the artist has made the vegetables look both insect-like and menacing at the same time.

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  1. I think it’s so amazing some of the things people can do with art (like this especially). Wow. It’s just cool looking.

  2. Scary!

  3. Captain Lifecruiser says:

    It’s real good work done on that pic, but I’m sure glad that it’s not reality ;-)

  4. I have some awesome eggplant recipes! He looks delicious!

  5. alien vegetable! cool!

  6. And Miles To Go.... says:

    what a stunning shot.

  7. SandyCarlson says:

    Maybe this is what my daughter sees on her plate! Now I know why she stays clear of the green dudes.

  8. Cool pic! It kindof reminds me of the kids books by Saxton Freymann.

  9. Scary, it is not an insect, it is Alien, brr!
    Anyway, gifted artist.

  10. Cool! Let me guess – the source is Metal & Magic?

  11. whoooo the vege alien. very cool.

  12. Good excuse to avoid weeding the garden.

  13. Ça a un air de parenté avec les oeuvres de Giuseppe Arcimboldo :o)

    That is like vegetables works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo :o)


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