Chicago Peace

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Chicago Peace … Originally where this rose is now planted I grew Love and Peace – a rose that descended from Chicago Peace. My Love and Peace didn’t make it this year. It gave up the ghost in late spring. I think our mild winter and lack of winter protection did it in.

I wish I still grew Love and Peace, but I’m very happy with the rose that I chose to replace it. Isn’t Chicago Peace lovely? I quite enjoy the multicolored flowers.

Sorry about my GTS post being late today. We’ve had a huge snow storm here in Toronto, getting about 40 cm of snow in one day. (that’s close to 16 inches) The weather people are saying that this is the most snow we’ve got in one day since 1944! I believe the storm had something to do with our cable and internet going out sometime early this morning and not coming back on till much much later in the day.

Gardeners, Plant and Nature lovers can join in every Sunday, visit As the Garden Grows for more information.

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  1. Heather in Beautiful British Columbia says:

    Oh, that is a beauty! I totally forgot to post my Green Thumb photo yesterday – bad me 🙁 and I didn’t have the snow and lack of electricity to excuse me… guess I better go put it up now. Better late than never Heather!

  2. Digital Flower says:

    ‘Tis a beautiful rose. I like just about any of the ‘Peace’ series.

  3. Chicago Weekend Activities says:

    What a lovely-Pink Rose! I love Flowers, not only Rose but all different kinds of flowers & plants too!Congrats for the owner of the garden @ the gardener too!very appreciated ” Chicago Peace”