Use a rain water tank to conserve water

I think just about everyone these days does at least a little to conserve resources. Some do it to help save the planet while others might do it to save money or for other benefit.

Now I know that many of you who read this blog are gardeners. Some of you live in areas with little water for part of the year or you might have water restrictions during the growing season. Perhaps using rainwater tanks to collect the runoff from your house when it rains might help you keep your garden and lawn looking beautiful during times of water restriction.

By using rain water tanks you’d be helping to conserve the water in your area. I think you’ll also find that your plants enjoy a good dousing with rain water. The water in my part of the world is hard water – full of minerals, but I believe that rain water is usually soft water.

You can purchase rain water tanks at for both residential and commercial use. They also carry grey water systems. If you’re not familiar with grey systems they take water from your shower, wash basins, washing machines and other sources in your home, treat it and store it for reuse in your garden, toilets, washing machines or even for washing your car.

You can visit the site to learn more about their above and below ground rain water tanks and grey water systems. They have several different tanks in various sizes to choose from. Just think, if you purchase a rain water tank you could save quite a bit of money on your water bill and do your part to conserve.

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  1. Rainwater Harvesting says:

    Rainwater tanks are certainly the way to go. They should be made mandatory in all new housing developments.

  2. Avoiding hard water says:

    Rain water is very soft. And using that kind of water is quite ecologic. So maybe we all should have tanks for water in our gardens!

  3. Rainwater Tanks Melbourne says:

    The long and short of it is that yes. we should ALL be looking at ways to conserve resources, there really isn’t any reason not to. Yes, the initial cost can be a bit hard to swallow, but the long term financial savings make it worth it.

    More importantly than this though, if we all take steps to conserve water, especially in countries that are suffering from long term drought, we can really make a meaningful difference and worthwhile lagacy which future generations will benefit from.