Redecorating? Consider Modern Furniture

I know that I’ve said many times that I live in an older home and my decor tends towards traditional and antique styles but I do enjoy some of the modern furniture pieces. In fact, perhaps when we get around to renovating our basement I’ll choose more modern decor.

oasisfp.jpgPerhaps something like this modern sofa design.

If you enjoy the the look of modern furniture you might want to visit Concept Furniture. They have a wide selection furnishings for the whole home.

bedfp.jpgYou’ll find modern bedroom furniture, wall units, hall units, wardrobes, dining room furniture, entertainment centers, office furniture and modern furniture designs for kids.

All of the furniture is authentic brand name European made furniture.

Their furnishings come from Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy and France. The pieces are crafted in Europe and then shipped to the Concept Furniture warehouse in the US.

I really like their sofas and coffee tables.

I can certainly see a room in my house, probably the basement which will be a den, with a large modern sectional sofa. It would be perfect for lounging on during movie night! They look so comfortable.

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  1. I’ll agree that that sofas really look comfortable tho I’m not huge fan of modern style furniture. Prefer older look, as it somehow has more character but it’s just me.

  2. Modern Furniture Fan says:

    I like the clean look of modern stuff. There is a lot of it that may not be right in terms of comfort for everyone. I have to have something comfortable to sit in for sure!

  3. Modern Furniture Lover says:

    I bought this bed and I love it! It is great how this bed is low to the ground so it doesn’t feel like the bed is taking up too much room… my friends always give me compliments for this bed as well. 🙂

  4. Home Furniture says:

    I love modern furniture in the right context. Its very difficult to have modern furniture without it looking like your house came straight out of the 60’s. However, I’ve also seen many houses that have done really well with modern.

  5. Angela@Rattan Seating says:

    Modern Furniture just adds the right mix of spice that you need in your home with a touch of elegance. Did visit their website their designs are really commendable.

  6. Its very difficult to have modern furniture without it looking like your house came straight out of the 60â€ēs.I like the clean look of modern stuff.