Durable outdoor teak furniture to spruce up your patio

Sometimes during the cool winter months when I can’t garden I spend time planning for the following growing season. I think about what plants might do better if I were to move them to another spot in the garden, or what plants I might purchase via mail order to plant in the spring. Do you make plans for your garden or backyard in the off season too?

When I’m not making plans for the growing season I sometimes try to think of other things that I can do or purchase for my backyard to make it all the more enjoyable. I mean, you can only work in the garden for so long right? You’ve got to sit back and relax and take in all that beauty at some point!

During the summer we often have friends drop by several times each week and we spend our time sitting in the backyard enjoying the view while we talk. Other times I have backyard BBQ’s and dinner parties.

We have a nice high glass patio table right now. I like it, but since we often have several people over for get togethers I find that the patio table is too small to accommodate our guests. The table is meant to sit four people, but we purchased two high stools so we can sit six. It’s a tight fit at times!

I’m seriously thinking about getting a larger patio table and perhaps some other patio furniture. I took a look at the outdoor patio furniture at BeFurnished.com and I really like their selection of teak outdoor furniture.

Teak is a fantastic wood to use for outdoor furniture because it’s so durable. It holds up well outdoors and I believe that the wood is resistant to pests like termites so it doesn’t get damaged the way other wood furniture does.

Another reason that I’ve thought of replacing my patio furniture with teak is because it’s so windy here in Toronto. We have a lot of wind here and we also have some major thunder storms. I always worry that the wind will blow our glass patio table over. Of course if that were to happen the glass insert would likely break and it would be quite expensive to replace. A teak table would be much less likely to be blown over in the wind.

BeFurnished.com is a US based company but they will ship anywhere in the world. That’s another reason why I like this company. Not only that, they offer free shipping within the continental US. Since I’m in Canada I always check an online stores shipping policies before I start browsing and adding items to my shopping cart. I’m always pleased when a company with products I like ships to Canada.

If you’ve been thinking about getting new patio furniture be sure to take a look at the selection at BeFurnished.com. They have teak sets, teak tables, teak chairs and benches, Adirondack Chairs, loungers and steamers, teak bars, cushions and accessories such as patio umbrellas. They also have a selection of outdoor furniture that they call “Deep Seating”. This is a selection of outdoor chairs, sofas, benches and even an ottoman that has extra deep seating for added comfort. There’s garden accessories too. Storage boxes, lazy susans and mini teak planters just to name a few.

I really like their selection of teak patio tables. They have teak extension table sets, round tables, benches sets and deep seating sets that look like outdoor living room furniture. I love it.

We have a fairly small patio so I can’t get really large patio furniture, but I do like the idea of getting an extension table. We keep it at it’s smaller non extended size most of the time, but we could make it larger to accommodate more guests when needed. I love that idea.

As most of my readers know my backyard is fairly small. It’s long and narrow and I have raised garden beds running along all of the sides of the yard, with one oval bed extending into the yard to divide the patio area, which is near the house, from the rest of the garden. The back half of the garden has a grass covered area where we sometimes pull out folding chairs when we have an outdoor gathering.

deepseating.jpg Looking at the deep seating loveseats and sofas at BeFurnished.com I thought how nice it might be to perhaps have a deep seating set for that area. I’ll have to get my husband to have a look at the outdoor furniture and see what he thinks.

I’m sure he’ll like it.

Visit BeFurnished.com to see their selection for yourself. I’d love to know if you like their teak outdoor patio furniture as much as I do.

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  1. Michael Schmidt says:

    The problem with teak furniture is that it looses it’s brilliance after some time. I suggest getting plastic / metal furniture for outdoor use. With technology available nowadays it’s possible to produce plastic furniture looking like the real thing (rattan, teak etc.) and the big plus … it’s totally weather-proof!

  2. John Webber says:

    I agree with Michael. Teak loses its incredible look after just a year or so of being out in the elements. At our online store we sell patio furniture that is specifically made to resist the elements. It is made of recycled plastic and can be made to almost any color. Our teak furniture looks just like the real thing and is far more durable.

  3. Jason Pearson says:

    Thanks for the link. We are thinking of replacing our boring aluminum patio set for something nicer. The teak would be a step up from what we have.

  4. Hotel Motel Furniture says:

    They should start to use green friendly and eco friendly material for the fabrics on furniture that is outside on patios.

    I like to sit out on the patio or deck and enjoy the outdoors. Some people’s furniture outside is nicer than their indoor furniture.

  5. Retractable Awnings says:

    Spending time in the patio can help you relax a bit. And the idea decorating it should be included in the top priorities. Very nice post.

  6. No other wood compares to teak when it comes to durability, elegance, stability and low maintenance. It will arrive a honey blonde color and after one or two seasons outdoors it will turn soft, silver gray. And it stays like that, forever, without ever warping, twisting, rotting or splintering. Knot free, beautifully grained, smooth to the touch, pleasing to the eye and quality crafted from the inside out, your furniture will never need replacing.

    Teak is a deciduous tree, which grows in dry, hilly terrains of forests in Southeast Asia. It cannot grow in rain forest. Actually, the best hardwood teak comes from Indonesia. Most of the teak furniture, which is sold around the world, not comes from natural forest – tree farms. But still, from planting, growing until be a good teak hardwood will takes at least 50 years.

    Recently there have been other companies offering similar furniture made of various obscure woods, claiming these woods to be “teak-like”, “as good as teak”, “family of teak” – one even says “better than teak”. Folks, it just isn’t “better than teak”. For centuries teak has been famous as the finest wood there is for demanding outdoor use – on yachts and the decades old benches in the garden and parks around the world.

    Real Teak. First quality Tectona Grandis. This is the best for outdoor furniture and will also be the best for your garden, too.

  7. Strathwood says:

    Not all teak is the same. Keep in mind that teak comes in different qualities too and it’s important to know what you are getting. It’s graded by age and moisture content. Generally speaking, the older and drier the better. Some companies use an A, B, C grading system but all have some sort of quality system in place. Anyway, it’s something that a lot of people don’t bother to ask or maybe they’re just not informed.

  8. Tim from glass display cabinets says:

    I like the look of weathered teak for outside furniture. It has a sort of charm about it. Much nicer than weathered plastic.

  9. I like to sit out on the patio or deck and enjoy the outdoors. Some people’s furniture outside is nicer than their indoor furniture.

  10. Absolutely real teak furniture is much better for outdoor furniture.I too thinking to replace our garden furniture but we should keep one thing in our mind that teak furniture come in different qualities and we should know what we are getting.

  11. teak indoor furniture says:

    Teak is used for outdoor furniture because of its natural durability in extreme weather conditions and because of its relative rarity. Not only is it common for a teak bench, chair, or table to last 70 years standing out in the elements, it is also common to pass down such furniture to future generations as an heirloom.

  12. georgia @ teak outdoor tables says:

    Over time, the original color of teak wood (golden brown) will turn into slightly silver or gray; wood can even develop some tiny hairline cracks on the surface, surface erosion, discoloration, mildew, roughness or cracking. If you want to maintain original golden brown color of your teak outdoor furniture, you have to apply a light coat of teak oil 3 times a year.

  13. I love teak furniture on patio. Just buy the high quality teak outdoor furniture and have it maintained, for sure your patio furniture will last for years. I used to have this metal patio set but when i saw teak furniture in a friend’s house, sitting on it made me feel relax so i decided to replace the old one.

  14. georgia says:

    Furniture from teak wood is indeed the most popular because of durability. Many people choice teak furniture, even the price is high, but they consider that furniture from teak wood is a great choice.

  15. Freddy Gomez says:

    I recently changed out some of my backyard/deck furniture by going to Ikea. I really need to check out some of your suggestions first though. BeFurnished.com would have saved me a ton of money.

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll be using BeFurnished.com in the future for sure!