Thunder and lightening in February

We’ve been having some pretty wild weather here in Toronto since yesterday evening. This is part of the storm that caused major tornadoes in the US.

It started out with hail and or icy snow pellets at about 9 pm or so Tuesday evening and then I think it turned to snow. It snowed through the night and so far all day today! I think we’re supposed to have a total of 15 inches of snow/ice by the time the storm is over.

Now and ice storm is bad enough but this one’s been accompanied by lightening and thunder! I think we’ve had lightening and thunder since about 5 pm today.

That’s so weird. A thunder storm with snow in February. Very strange indeed.

My garden is immersed in snow and ice. It’s actually quite nice to look at. The clothes line is coated in a thick layer of ice too.

It’s supposed to be very cold all week and we’re expecting more snow over night and then again on Friday and I think throughout the weekend so this round of snow will be here for a while. Often when it snows it only stays on the ground for a few days at most and then melts away again. Not this time!

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  1. Health Is Wealth says:

    Maybe this is some of that climate change… ? Hmm… Weather does seem weirder lately, but it’s hard to tell what’s my crazy brain playing tricks on me. Maybe things have always been weird, but I’m just noticing it now.

  2. Lifecruiser says:

    Wow, I never thought there could be thunder in the winter. I thought that it had to be really warm air meeting the cold air that made the thunder…?

    Weird indeed.