Healthy drinks with a new juicer

I’m sure that many of you made New Years Resolutions that began on January first. If you did make a resolution have you managed to stick to it?

I kept saying that I didn’t make any resolutions this year, but now that I think about it I believe that I did. The only reason I didn’t realize it is because I made my resolution way back in November. Remember when we got our Lab puppy? Well we got her for a few reasons, the main one being that I wanted a companion at home, but the other big reason was that I knew having a dog would force me to get outside several times a day for a walk.

As many of you know I’ve got Crohn’s disease and it’s been real bad for the last few years, so I’ve basically been living in chronic pain day in and day out. Remember last year I had long gaps where I’d say I hadn’t even been in my garden? That’s so unlike me! My lack of gardening and garden related visits last year was purely related to how bad I was feeling.

Getting a puppy, especially an active one like a Labrador Retriever, that needs to be exercised several times daily would surely force me to get outside and get active no matter how I was feeling right? Well it worked. Plus, getting outside and walking around sort of makes me feel better. It doesn’t help the pain I’m in much, but it takes my mind off of it.

I’ve also lost a little bit of the weight I’d gained last year due to my increasing activity.

Now I’m wondering what else can I do to improve my health? I have trouble eating a lot of foods because I don’t digest food well or some foods just don’t agree with my system, but I’ve been considering getting a juicer again. I was looking at the juicers at and I’m pretty sure we’ll get one before the month is over.

We used to have a juicer, but we gave it away to one of my husbands aunts a few years ago as we weren’t using it. However now I’m thinking about all the fresh juices that I can make with a juicer and it sounds good to me. I can also juice carrots and other veggies, some of which are hard for me to eat raw or cooked because of the crohns. I’m sure that my body would appreciate the juiced form!

If you’ve been thinking of looking at juicers visit They have five pages of juicers on their site and each one is rated by consumers. The juicers, and other products on the site, are listed by highest rating. The ratings are made by those who have used the various products so it’s a consumer satisfaction rating.

You can read consumer reviews of each juicer (or other products) in order to see what features other people liked best, view product details and see the price range for each juicer as well as a listing of several online stores where you might purchase the juicer of your choosing.

Take a look at the whole site to find other products that you’ve been thinking about buying and read reviews before you buy.

As for me? I think I’ll take a look at their juicer listings and try to find one that’s been well rated and that fits my budget. I’m really going to work on getting healthy this year and I think a juicer will help as much as those walks with our dog will!

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  1. Jason Pearson says:

    Thanks for the link. The juicer that we have is such a pain. We got it from my grandmother and it is probably over 40 years old. It is such a hassle to use that I have stopped using it. It looks like they have come a long way since my gradma bought ours.

  2. fruityoaty says:

    I recently read that eating lots of fruit (certain types) may help to alleviate arthritic joint pain. For example, black cherry juice…

  3. Donna | The Healthy Eating Site says:

    Thanks for the tip about the juicers page at Wize. I’m in the market for a juicer and I know from experience that some are great and some are such a pain (especially to clean) that you get to the point where you just don’t use it… which defeats the point of course. The quality and quantity of the juice differs from juicer to juicer as well.

    I used to have a champion juicer when I lived on the USA. I loved it! I was living in Florida at the time, eating mostly raw foods and juices and it was great being able to have frozen banana and fruit ‘ice cream’ without the dairy. That’s the level of healthy eating I want to get back to.

  4. Juicing is the way to go. It will help with joint pain for sure.

  5. I have been a juicer for so long now I can’t remember exactly when I started. When my wife was diagnosed with crohns a few years ago we immediately thought that juicing would be beneficial. It wasn’t and caused her great discomfort.

    I think you need to be very careful and start of cautiously if you’re considering juicing. We found that over ripe fruit was best (I’m not a nutritionist or medically qualified so don’t know why that’s the case)

    She also found that a reasonably low fibre diet was easier on her. Also, as you’ve discovered, being active helps the digestion – I know my wife definitely feels very sluggish and uncomfortable if bad weather keeps us housebound for more than a couple of days.

    With regards to choosing a juicer I would say to go for a mid priced one. Like many things in life some of the bigger branded names are living on their reputation and not their quality.

    One thing point not immediately obvious, is the how noisy is the machine? Juice is most beneficial when it’s fresh and a noisy machine could have the whole house awake when you use it.

    Cheers n good luck, John

  6. kitchen blog says:

    yes, with juicer you can make a healthy drink, as meal replacement.
    hope you achieve your healthy year.

  7. Used the juicer that my in-law gave to me. Now im having great time juicing my favorite fruits and even wheatgrass and leafy greens.

  8. Very useful post. I think everyone should have at least one juicer in their home, because, like you have pointed it out, it encourage to live a healthy life

  9. Andrea Quinn says:

    Juicing fruits and veggies are really best for the health. You can get the all the nutrients from it without exerting so much effort .

  10. Really nice post. I can proved that juicing is really great for our health. As it also detoxify because all the enzymes are also extract from the fruits. At the same time, you can get lots of nutrients from juicing.