Short delay for my Green Thumb Sunday post

Sorry gang, my GTS post is going to be delayed until sometime tomorrow. Well .. hopefully I’ll be able to post it by tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

I had a bad allergic reaction earlier this afternoon after putting in my contact lense. Geez I hate these weird health problems I have. This is the third time this has happened in the last two months. I can barely see and my eyes are burning.

I thought it was a combination of being allergic to my dog, spring pollen and perhaps makeup, but now I think it’s my contact lenses. As soon as I put them in today my eyes started burning and watering and swelling. Instant severe pain.

I’m typing this with my eyes barely open. There’s no way I can search through my photos to find one for a GTS post right now, or for that matter find pics for GTS posts on Tricia’s Musings or My World.

No matter how long it takes me to make my post, please do continue to participate in Green Thumb Sunday this weekend. Just leave a message in this post if I haven’t made my GTS post to let us all know that you’ve participated.


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  1. That does not sound fun.

    Are they new contacts, or did you switch solutions recently?

  2. Jennifer Robin says:

    New Green Thumb Sunday participant here. The blogroll is in my side bar as requested. Hope you can stop by and check out my nature pics!

  3. Lifecruiser says:

    Wow, I’m so sorry for you, that sounds real bad, I hope it get better FAST!!!!


  4. Crafty Gardener says:

    Hope you are feeling better.
    My GTS post is up.

  5. Hope things work out. I’ll be back tomorrow to check on your GTS post.


  1. […] suffered a fairly severe allergic reaction the day before to my contacts so between the heat, my puffy eyes and squinting in the sun I was […]