One hundred plus blooms on Iceberg

Wordless Wednesday


Of all of my many roses (60+ varieties) my Iceberg rose at the front of my house currently has the most blooms.

Most of the other roses are either taking a break or only putting out a bloom here and there since it’s so hot these days.

The first couple of years that I grew Iceberg I didn’t notice much scent from the blooms, however over the last couple of years the blooms seem to have more scent. In fact, right now since this rose is practically bursting with blooms anyone walking up to the front steps of my house can smell their delicate light scent.

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  1. CK Go Places says:

    Nice flower shot. Have a wonderful WW! 🙂

  2. Sassy Mama Bear says:

    That is a truly beautiful specimen, I do not often see white roses, and the name of this one is perfect.
    Very nice WW, mine is up: WW #23 How Many Leaders Does It Take?

  3. this is a beautiful shot… i love the play of light and shadow and it really looks like a delicate icicle in this photo… hmmm… i could almost smell its delicate scent… must be like heaven walking those steps leading to your door:)

  4. Angela Klocke says:

    Quite lovely. I wish we had a place to garden here. And by WE, I mean the husband. I tend to just kill things.

  5. How beautiful. You have so many flowers it must be heavenly around your place.

  6. DrowseyMonkey says:

    Oh, that is beautiful. White roses are my absolute favs 🙂