Now that’s a Zucchini

Wordless Wednesday

Now that's a zucchini

I grew Zucchini the first couple of years that I had my garden and some of them got quite big, but I don’t think any of them ever got to be this size. That’s a huge Zucchini!

I guess it deserves the seat belt.

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  1. wow!!! that’s one BIG zucchini!!! i envy you for having a green thumb… so far, i have only tried lettuce and chives because they are easy to grow… congrats for this wonderful harvest and photo!

  2. that’s really big. first time i saw something like that

  3. Digital Polaroids says:

    A protected zucchini. Maybe it’s organic.

  4. That thing sure is HUGE!
    Happy WW :D!

  5. Very cute.
    I’ve been happy with my grapes, peppers,eggplant, and tomatoes.