Cleomes and phlox in the garden

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Cleomes are strange looking flowers. They grow on long stocks and bloom as they grow. They have long spidery things that stick out all around the blooms giving them their strange look.


I plant these flowers along the back edge of my garden. They grow to approximately 4 feet tall so they help screen me from my neighbors once they’ve grown enough. I always try to grow some white ones as well as pink and purple.

Another flower that I grow is Phlox David. I have four clumps of it in my backyard garden and it’s just lovely when it’s in full bloom.


I like having some white flowers scattered throughout the garden. They seem to highlight certain areas of the garden, and of course at night these flowers are still visible so they add a nice touch if we’re sitting out on the patio.

Sorry my post was a little late today. We seem to have the flu or something like it running through the house and it appears to be my turn to fight the bug. Ugh.

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  1. Teena in Toronto says:

    I’ve never seen a Cleomes before … it’s lovely :)

    I played too!

  2. I love the first white one- very unique- seems your blog has some issues though- it won’t stay open once loaded!

  3. Dee what do you mean it won’t stay open once it’s loaded? Does it keep crashing?

    The blog seems to be loading fine for me. I tried it in Firefox 3 and internet Explorer 7. What browser were you using when you visited As the Garden grows?

    Hopefully the blog or theme doesn’t have issues … :(

  4. Hmmm, this time I was able to open it alright although it does say “Error on page” at the bottom of my browser- the first two times I tried the blog would open, but then IE would pop up saying it couldn’t open the website and IE would close on me- perhaps it was just my laptop as it seems fine now!

  5. Strange but beautiful. I haven’t seen one before. Is it perrinneal opr Annual?
    Mine is up too!

  6. Beautiful phlox! I too love the white bursts in the garden! They look stunning in the day or at night.

  7. FamiliaKhuletz says:

    Those white flowers are really beautiful! The first one looks like the cat’s whiskers we have in our garden.

  8. Just checking in to let you know I’ve posted my GTS post today. :-)
    Cleome are beautiful, aren’t they? My parents had a wonderfully sunny place in which they thrived for a long time (reseeded)! They only allow a few plants to grow at a time, now. I may have to try a few myself next year! Have a great day!

  9. That cleome is a very cool looking flower.
    It looks like some weird chandelier.

  10. Beachcomber says:

    Great pics. I too like a little white here and there as an accent colour against dark greens and my dark fence. The white flowers serve to punctuate the planting.

  11. I missed your GTS post last week so better late than never! The photos are lovely. I’m not familiar with Cleome, but it is beautiful.

  12. Brighter Blooms says:

    I just love summer flowering phlox, great pictures of these by the way. I am not very familiar with Cleomes, i shall be researching and hopefully buying soon.

  13. Utah Remodeling Guy says:

    Those pictures are incredible! Are those flowers seasonal? I want some for my yard.

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