Worried about pesticides in your food?

Are you worried about the pesticides that might be contaminating the fruits and vegetables that you eat? If you are, you’re in luck.

The Environmental Working Group has come out with a list of 45 fruits and vegetables ranked according to the level of pesticide contamination. The results were based on U.S. Food and Drug administration testing.

The most contaminated fruit and vegetables include strawberries, apples and celery. The top of the list of most contaminated food items is Peaches with a pesticide load of 100.

The cleanest fruit and vegetables include mangoes, pineapples, onions, and avocados. The least contaminated of the list has a pesticide load of 1.

I never realized that peaches had such a high contamination load. I always thought apples were the worst of the bunch.

What the report lacks is actual amounts of pesticides. The items rated on the list are organized on a scale that shows which produce has more pesticides, but without knowing the exact amount of contamination it’s hard to say if the pesticide contamination in peaches is harmful or if the low amount found in pineapple really is a safe level.

If you are worried about pesticide contaminants the best thing to do is limit your exposure.

Not everyone can grow all of their own food supply, nor necessarily do it organically, but you can limit your exposure to pesticide contaminated fruit and vegetables by trying to make some of your purchase organic produce. Know what’s on the list and try to make sure that when you want to buy some of the items that are listed as being most pesticide contaminated, like peaches and apples, that you make those purchases organic.

If you do happen to have a garden try to grow organically. My garden is organic and I find it quite easy to maintain and as you can see from all the photos on this site my plants are very healthy.

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  1. Your Home Guide says:

    Great article, really well written and informative.

  2. Going Green says:

    Great post for sure. I’ve recently been tested for heavy metal toxicity, one source of which is pesticides in food. The problems and dangers are very real — so thanks for the information and hopefully this helps to spread the word.


  3. Mrs. Mecomber says:

    I am concerned about pesticides, but I thought washing got rid of it? Is this true?

  4. Green Fitness says:

    This is a very serious issue that has a huge impact on our health. I am purchase a large amount of fruit daily. I sometimes even question the term organic as with enough money I am sure they farmers can sway the vote.

  5. @Mrs. Mecomber, rinsing your foods doesn’t always get all of the pesticides off. Plus there are other things lurking in your water depending on where you get it from. Growing your own organic foods is really the best solution.

  6. I totally agree with your article that if we are worried about pesticide contaminants the best thing to do is limit your exposure. Your article is alarming but it’s true.

    My recommendation to everyone is to be as organic as possible, whether by growing your own garden or by supporting your local farmers market.