Birds of a feather eat together

Wordless Wednesday

hand feeding the birds

That must be tasty food that those people are holding up for the birds!

Can you imagine standing outside and having that many birds trying to get food out of your hand? Kind of neat, but maybe a little frightening at the same time, I think.

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  1. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Holy cow, that’s a lotta birds!!

  2. Great photo, capturing the birds in mid flight. It is hard to imagine having so many coming over to one’s own hand, though…

  3. Mommy On Top says:

    Great shot! And yeah, that’s a lot of birds too close to human hands. 🙂

    Happy WW!

  4. Digital Flower says:

    Wow, what a great picture.

  5. I like birds…in small quantities.
    Wonder how long it took to get the birds to come.

  6. That’s really neat, but if it were my hands, I’d be a little creeped out!

  7. Mel Avila Alarilla says:

    Yes, that must be a very special food for the birds for them to cast off their inhibitions and eat at the palm of the feeder. These may have gone on for quite sometime now and the birds are already familiar with the feeder. Otherwise, they would not be so trusting as they are showing in the photo. Thanks for the amusing post. God bless you always.

  8. Very cool pic. I dont understand how the “feeder” was able to accomplish this but it is very interesting.

  9. what an amazing picture

  10. what a wonderful shot. Thank you. Your photo convinces good people still are living among us – your shot warms the heart – wow, indeed!

  11. Garden Girl says:

    Oh wow … that would be scary! Several years ago, I was at Disney World and I had just bought a foot long hot dog. I was walking back toward my family with the hot dog in my left hand when, suddenly, a large crow swooped down over my left shoulder and snatched a portion of the meat! I was a little startled and a LOT aggravated that I had go pay for a second lunch … especially at Disney’s prices.

  12. What a great picture. I love this kind of stuff. Last winter I had a couple of robins in the garden who were very cheeky, and I think I could have trained them to eat from my hand with time and patience , but as I have a cat, I didn’t think this would have been fair.

  13. Like your pics and article.

  14. Thats a cool picture. I always wanted to have birds come up too me, but I always move or something and they fly away hahah.. oh well..