Annual Asters for the garden border

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Well it seems that my garden has finally got the message that winter is coming.

There are still some stubborn roses sticking around, but they are no longer alive. The cold got to them and they are just there. Actually I’m hoping that I can take some pictures of them with frost or a light coating of snow on them one of these days as I think that will probably look pretty.

There’s also one single clematis flower on the vine at the front of the house. Like the roses it’s dead, but it’s still holding it’s color. I’m sure it fooled a few people that might have noticed it.

Since I don’t have any pictures of frosty flowers or snow covered plants to show you today I’ll have to fall back on pictures that I took earlier this summer.

One flower that stands out is the annual asters that I grew this summer. They were so pretty! Such vibrant dusty rose pinks, purples, blue and white flowers.


They started blooming in late July (if memory serves me) and continued to produce lovely blooms until early October.

The annual Aster plants are 12 inches or less in height so they are the perfect size for a garden border. I planted several of them in the open spaces at the edge of my raised garden beds, beside lavenders and hostas and they looked lovely.

Did you grow Asters this past summer?

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  1. Digital Polaroids says:

    Beautiful flower, it looks like a crisantemo.

  2. Beautiful flower. Love the color.

  3. I love the picture of the aster. This is the first year that I planted them and I’m wondering what took me so long. 🙂

  4. Shady Gardener says:

    Tricia, Don’t get discouraged about GTS. I think Many people post but do not return to tell you about it. Mine is up for today. Only one little photo. 😉

  5. shirley graham says:

    Any ideas where aster plants for re-planting can be obtained in the Reading, Berkshire district?

    None of the Garden Centres we know of seem to have any and last year we only came across some from a catalogue quite by chance, but they were so lovely and successful it has really wetted our appetites to have them in the garden again this year.

  6. Inter Gardening says:

    That is a looking looking flower and a great picture to boot. I can’t wait for the spring so I can get back into the garden, all this snow isn’t helping my winter vegetables either, more straw needed I think!


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