Coming in for a landing …

Wordless Wednesday

I don’t know if this bird is overjoyed that it discovered some berries and it’s doing a flip in the air as a result … or if this is just the start of a very bad landing ..


What do you think? Bad landing or joy? Or maybe it’s just really windy?

Either way it’s both a pretty picture and a funny picture at the same time. I think so anyway!

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  1. Shawna Coronado says:

    Bad Landing! EEEEK!

  2. Scrapbooking Ideas says:

    Looks like a (quite agressive) landing to me. Maybe the little guy was just really, really hungry for berries and came in too fast 🙂


  3. Hilarious! What a great shot.

  4. beautiful shot. may be a sudden wind direction change :))

  5. free brighton says:

    this is amazing. for once wordlesss wednesday has actually left me speechless!!!

  6. Some birds get tipsy eating berries. That’s what I have known from other bird enthusiasts. I think it’s true.;-)

  7. Brennan @ Clean Tech says:

    Haha wow that is a pretty crazy picture. I don’t think he is going to land it.