Odd Mushrooms

Wordless Wednesday

Here’s some oddly shaped mushrooms … at least from this low angle …


I guess if you’ve ever wondered if mushrooms are male or female this should answer your question … I’d say they are distinctly female. Wouldn’t you?

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  1. If there is such a thing, then yes, those would be female mushrooms.

  2. wow! Why yes they are. Great photo and happy ww! 🙂

  3. Rasmenia says:

    Heh heh… I don’t think that it gets any more feminine than that. 🙂

  4. LOL maybe that explains why my husband likes to take pictures of mushrooms.

  5. SandyCarlson says:

    They look like little gourds!

  6. they look like the top of an Indian traditinal building . LOL! Happy WW!

  7. hmm… why am i getting some naughty thoughts when i look at these mushrooms? *winks*… first time i’ve seen a “female mushroom”… most of the ones i’ve seen appear to be “male”… and this is a great shot!

  8. Terri - teelgee says:

    LOL! What wonderful mushrooms. Definitely of the female gender. Beautiful shot.

  9. Shady Gardener says:

    Too funny.

  10. I dunno… I’ve seen some very “male” mushrooms myself.

  11. easy recipes says:

    Please no pics of male mushrooms….. 🙂

  12. free brighton says:

    nice pic. but if these are what you suggest with the female ref. what about the shrivelled ones in the background??

  13. Maine Photos says:

    They are pretty odd looking.

  14. Very unique shots of “female” mushrooms. Bet the male ones can’t help themselves looking at these.

    Kidding aside, where was this photo taken?


  15. Great photo you have there.

  16. MushroomMatt says:

    As a mushroom growing enthusiast, I love that picture!

  17. On the subject of vegetables that resemble part of the human body, I was intending to send – but couldn’t locate – a photograph of a turnip that was the exact shape of a thingy.

    Amusing, but also sadly ironic, as my own thingy is the exact shape of a turnip.

  18. Dun Laoghaire festival says:

    They’re round and therefore female, but bulbous and in your face, like a male.

    Androgynous perhaps?