Photographee examines the camera

I don’t know who the photographer was, but they managed to capture a once in a life time shot!


The Blue Jays around here aren’t very friendly.

Sure, they’ll eat from the bird feeders and visit some of my plants, but the minute that either my husband or I go outside or one of our neighbors enters their yard the Blue Jays are gone. I’d never get a shot of a Blue Jay landing on a hand held camera in a million years!

It’s been quite rainy here in Toronto today, but the rain has just stopped and the suns out … who knows for how long … but I’m going to try to go out and get a little gardening done.  I have some annuals to plant in planters and a few bulbs to plant in the garden beds.  It would be nice if I could get this stuff done before it begins to rain again!

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  1. Greenhouse Garden says:

    Cool pic of the bluejay. We feed our bluejays peanuts here in CO.

  2. Therese Lim says:

    Is that what they call BLUE JAY bird?
    very beautiful, i remember my cheerdance team in High School name Blue Jay Cheering Squad.

    The quality of the shot is very clean and clear.

  3. Good blue jay Pic wow. I thought only doves got that close!