What a tiny deer

Take a look at this fellow gardeners … this is a young fawn (or baby deer) … your future garden pest in the making!


It’s hard to think of this tiny little deer as a pest when it’s so cute, isn’t it?

Luckily in my area I don’t get deer in the garden. Even though I’m in a large city (Toronto), just a few blocks away from me, people that live near a ravine complain about having deer in their gardens! So I guess I’m lucky that I don’t live there!

I get raccoons and squirrels in my garden and of the two, it’s the squirrels that are the biggest pests this year. They keep digging holes in my garden beds! They’ve also dug up some bulbs and displaced small plants. Little buggers!

What kind of garden pests do you have to deal with?

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  1. Wow…took a while trying to find where and how to leave a comment. When first reading your blog there doesn’t appear to be any option to leave a comment. You see all the facebook, digg etc. but no option to leave a comment. Was about to move on, when I thought about clicking on the title of your blog post, when I did that looked again, again was just about to give up when I scrolled further down and finally saw a place to leave a comment. Is that a strange setting? Would think most folks would look at the page, not see the option and move on. Not sure I’ve hit a blog where I had to do the extra click on the title thing, but being a person that clicks stuff to see what happens I figured I’d give it a whirl. lol

    This miniature deer is darling. I’ve never seen such a tiny one. Here they are a nuisance, eating almost everything in site. Problem is we really have too many, they can’t get enough food in the woods etc, so they venture out. Then they eat stuff in people’s yards.

    I know what you mean about the squirrels. From year to year plants spring up in the strangest places where they’ve dug them up and transplanted them. One year, I was removing the annuals from pots on the porch and dumping the dirt and in the bottom of my pots were nuts! lol Silly squirrels must have thought that would be a good hiding place from other squirrels.

    I popped over from a dofollow list while doing some blog walking this am. I too am a do follow; though am still unclear how this do follow toolbar is suppose to work.

    The titles of your blog posts are blue, while the words trackback and leaving a comment are red. What color am I’m hoping to see when I’m on a do follow blog? Can you clearify? I’m really confused.

    Swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.

  2. wow thats so awesome what a cute deer !

  3. James Mann says:

    Cute little guy.

    I was out fishing with a buddy a few years ago and we were walking through tall grass along the river bank. As I was walking I just happen to look down exactly as my foot was about to come down on a curled up fawn about the same size as the one in your image.

    I looked around and then suggested to Roland that we best move on quickly because the mother wouldn’t be far.

    Were we live in Moncton we don’t have a problem with deer either but just a mile away there are plenty of deer. It’s not far from any point to be out of the city so they can wander in pretty easy along with moose.

  4. desain kaos bandung says:

    This miniature deer. Problem is we really have too many,

  5. Precious! Its a shame they destroy our gardens when they get bigger. We were lucky this past summer as they mostly stayed clear of the graden spot. At least until October, then they wiped out eveything remaining…tomatoes, and bell pepers mainly.

  6. Deer farming says:

    this baby deer is so cute as they dont harm anyone…nice article

  7. Eliza Winters says:

    Thanks for the great post. I cannot get over how tiny that fawn is! We have a ton of deer in our neighborhood. We live up on a mountain and we have them in our yard almost all year long. They wake us up when they hit their hooves on our fence. For our yard, our outdoor essentials are plants with thorns, they are the only ones that don’t get eaten. They eat everything else, including trees. Yes, whole trees.