Some of the last flowers of Autumn

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It was a beautiful weekend! I think we might have had a very late Indian Summer here in Toronto! The temps got up to 17 C or 63 F and tomorrow’s going to be warm for this time of year too.

Of course, the warmer weather probably isn’t doing my garden much good as it has been cool here for a few weeks and in a few days it will be cool again. Yep, the garden is pretty much shutting down for the winter.

I still have some roses that seem stuck in bloom and some rose buds that haven’t opened and that probably won’t, but most of my flowers are dying down.

About two weeks ago my New York Asters were in full bloom – now they are fading although there’s still some pale purple/ blue color on the plant.

Here’s what the flowers looked like when they are at the height of their bloom-

First new york aster blooms 2

The pink salvia was also putting out new blooms – but they too are pretty much gone now as well.

Pink Salvia bloom

My Liatris plants stopped blooming by late August or so, but they developed seed heads in September and October.

faded liatris bloom 4

I collected the seeds off of some of the Liatris stocks and planted them in a few sparse areas of the garden. Perhaps in a year or two I’ll have more Liatris coming up in areas that desperately need some permanent plants.

Has your garden begun to shut down for winter?

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  1. weddingphotoshot says:

    great photographs. I took photos this weekend of apple blossom on one of our crab apple trees in the garden in the UK, mad, this time last year it had snow on it.

  2. Kris - the gift basket specialist says:

    Awesome pictures of your plants. Im surprised its still so warm up there in Canada this time of year.

  3. Great pics. I had a good flower season, one of my best and it relatively easy because of the cooperative weather. Sure hate to see them go.

  4. San Remo Guy says:

    Liatris is my favorite kind of flower. But I still didn’t manage to grow one in my garden.

  5. Score Piano says:

    what a beautiful flowers…. nice picture ^^

  6. Antique Salvage says:

    Those are some beautiful pictures whoa. I just love the color on the pink salvia. The pictures are just really beautiful.

  7. Flower Girl says:

    Really beautiful pics! I love having my garden full of colour all year round… I have different varieties of flowers and plants which come out in different flower seasons so my garden is always bloomin lovely 🙂

  8. Buy Salvia says:

    Nice purples indeed If I remember right, I grew only 2 totally purple flowers in my former garden. It was the Jackmanii Clematis and a Salvia. There were partly purpled others, butt only a few. Oh, and I had one Lilac tree too.

  9. Buy Salvia says:

    Its nice to get a splash of purple this time of year as so many flowers are red or orange.