Our roses don’t know when to quit!

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Can you believe that I still haven’t finished putting my garden to bed for the winter? Ok it’s not that bad … we only have a little bit of gardening work to do, but still … it’s almost the end of November and we could have our first snow fall any time!

We still have to cut down the sunflowers in the front boulevard. They are starting to look raggy and they need to come down. We also have a few plants that have died down that I should cut down as well, like the balloon flowers that have died down and who’s stems are now falling over onto our front walkway. LOL

Thanks to the much warmer than normal temps we had about two weeks ago (hey it reached 20 C (68 F) two or three days in a row) we have roses blooming! The Breath of Life climbing rose, both of our Iceberg roses, Octavia, Lavender Dreams, Baron Prevost and Jacques Champlain are all blooming. Full true roses!

They are lovely, but it’s a shame that they are blooming because it’s getting colder and I don’t doubt that we’ll have snow within a week or so.

Here’s a photo of Lavender dreams that I took a while ago. I still can’t believe that the plant is putting out more blooms even though it’s reached zero a few times in the last week.

Lavender dreams rose blooms 2

Is anything still blooming in your garden as we approach winter?

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  1. I can’t believe how good the Lavender looks even with the cold approaching so fast. It’s almost December!

  2. At least you have a garden. I really like gardens and someday I want to have a big flower garden.:)

  3. James @ Motivational Speakers says:

    Wow that Lavender looks beautiful. We have a few roses that have managed to stay this long, but not much else in the way on flowers. It would be lovely to have flowers grow all through winter 🙂

  4. I guess the weather finally got cold enough to stop the flowers from growing. I found that herbs I had growing outside kept growing right until the end of November.