It’s time to start your seedlings gardeners!

I meant to get started planting seeds indoors earlier this month, but it’s been one delay after another, most specifically _ I came down with a cold – my first in about 15 years!

So, this weekend I’m going to be getting out my seedling trays, and then I’m going to go down into the basement and find the two boxes that I keep seed packages and seeds that I’ve picked off of plants from my garden. It’s cool and surprisingly dry in our basement so it’s the perfect place to keep dormant seeds and even plant bulbs or corms like the four Cannas that I currently have down there.

I just have to decide where I’m going to put all my newly seeded trays. I think I’ll probably put them upstairs in our spare bedroom. It faces south so the containers and hopefully seedlings will get off to a good start with lots of sunlight. I do have a couple of grow lights that I can try to dig up out of the basement if I need them, but when I’ve grown seeds indoors in the past they’ve done well in that room without the need of additional lighting.

Have any of you started seedlings indoors for your garden?

I’m glad that we only have 6 weeks of winter left. I can’t wait to get outside and see new plants coming up in my garden beds. Oh and the crocuses! They’ll probably come up in my lawn by the last week of March like they normally do … perhaps earlier this year since we’ve had a fairly mild winter with barely any snow … so far anyway!

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  1. Dirty Girl Gardening says:

    I need to get going on all this too.. nice tips.

  2. Last week I was given lots of free seed packets at the event I was attending. I’m warming up the compost just now but still have to clean my seed trays properly before I start sowing. I really need to get moving with this!

  3. Shady Gardener says:

    I don’t usually start too many seedlings… but these past couple of years I’ve created and set out mini-greenhouses for the seedlings that need scarification. 😉 It works great!

    My GTS post is up.

  4. Wooden Doors says:

    I am newbie in gardening, summer is fast approaching in our country. Any advice on what seeds do you prefer at this season? I am more of a fruity guy, who loves almost all of the colorful and juicy fruits.

  5. It’s exciting to think that in a few more weeks hopefully we will be able to get outside and start planting those plants. It’s great that you plant your own garden and even start them from seedlings. Here’s hoping your garden takes off this year!

  6. Kindred Scent says:

    my whole basement flooded and i was to start my seedlings this following weekend. oh well. late start. any ideas on how to speed things up without affecting the seedlings?

  7. Shady Gardener says:


    I’m scheduling a Green Thumb Sunday post to appear Sunday, March 7. Hope you can visit. 🙂

  8. Gail @how to install crown molding says:

    I can’t believe that it is almost time to put out our gardens.I am trying to get all inside things done so I can get out every minute.I enjoyed your gardening information and will visit after I get started

  9. blackberry themes says:

    I need to get going on all this too.. nice tips.

  10. Simple Organic Gardening Tips says:

    I am really excited about this new srping season. I have already ordered some new fencing and I will be putting things in this weekend. Happy gardening to all!

  11. Joe Morales says:

    My wife is extremely excited about this season too. They got really into gardening once I found a job that requiered that I travel alot. Just a fun fact, if you are ever in need of shipping cars anywhere around the world, look up Auto Shipping Network. They did a great job for me! Keep up the good work!

  12. seedparade says:

    Yep, we all need to get on with the sowing NOW! Peppers, aubergine can be a little late an as it stands (28/04), but all other things will be absolutely fine. We love courgettes, paty pan type squashes and lots and lots of beans!! Come on sowing time!

  13. Starting a Garden says:

    It’s the time of the year to start seeds shopping again and to start the seeds indoor. Only few more weeks to spring time, yeah!