Just about every day something new is blooming in my garden

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Wow I’m BAD. I run the Green Thumb Sunday meme and I haven’t done one since last November. Yep, bad bad bad meme creator!

Ok it’s time to get back on track. This meme is still alive … barely, but I know some of our members are still posting Green Thumb Sunday posts regularly, at least more regularly than I have been lately.

I don’t have a good excuse for my absence. As usual I haven’t been feeling well thanks to my Crohn’s, but yes, I’ve still been gardening and so far this year I’m amazed with my garden. I just need to start posting about what I’m seeing and doing more often, now don’t I?

So … if you’ve been participating in Green Thumb Sunday or waiting around to see if it was going to start up again … come on, let’s see some Green Thumb Posts. (please).

As I said above I’ve been amazed with my garden this year. I think it started waking up in February … way way early! By March 15th I had my first Crocuses blooming. Usually they don’t bloom until near the end of March.

First crocus to bloom in my garden this year

This was the first crocus to bloom in my backyard this year. It bloomed on March 15th! Shortly thereafter more and more crocus popped up. They’re all done now though.

Years ago when I first started gardening I planted Snow Drops .. but I rarely ever saw them. Either they bloomed too early for me to notice or it warmed up to fast and they faded within days … unnoticed. It was obvious this year that they’ve been growing, multiplying and thriving as I had a few large clumps come up in March.

Finally caught some Snow Drops blooming

I even had a few tiny Dwarf Danfordia Irises come up too

Dwarf Irises near the end of their bloom

They’re a little faded in this photo as they were already wilting by the time I noticed them. They didn’t last long. We’ve had some warm weather in March and April which wasn’t all that good for making Spring flowers last.

Here’s a shot of my center garden bed … full of red and white Tulips, Heuchera, Astilbe, perennial Geranium, and tiny shoots of Phlox and Hostas and probably a few other plants that I’m forgetting … I took this picture on April 18th. I just wish that I’d pushed the hoop that I use to contain the Phlox when it grows down a bit before I took the photo!

Tulips, Heuchera and lots of other plants in the garden bed

This is a wide shot of my garden. It’s small, but for the middle of April there’s a heck of a lot of plants up. All of my roses have fully leafed out now and more and more plants are coming up each day. Right now I’ve got Daffodils and Hyacinths that are just about finished blooming and I think my Glories of the Snow are pretty much gone. I have a feeling that I’ll have roses about two weeks earlier than usual this year too.

Wide shot of my small garden - everythings coming up

And Finally this is my dog, Midnight, enjoying some sun in the garden. She’s growing and blooming too. She’s two and a half years old now and still very puppy like in a lot of ways … just thankfully not quite as hyper as she was a year or so ago! LOL

My Labrador Retriever enjoying some sun in the garden

How is your garden doing? What’s blooming? What’s growing?

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  1. Your garden is looking very colourful for so early on in the season. I recently lost my dog and we plan to bury her ashes in the garden with a plant above the. Is ther anything that you can recommend that is durable yet pretty?

  2. Pest control says:


    My gardening is colorful too. Daylilies’ and May flower’s commanding presence are the gorgeous part of my garden. My vegetables garden is also OK. The only problem is bugs as you know how they loves tomatoes and lettuce.

  3. Garden Hose Hanger says:

    Your garden is awesome….I want to be like you when I grow up, ha, ha! Seriously though you have an awesome site. I found you through blogcatalog and have a gardening related site as well, more niche focused about garden hose hangers, but I’m thinking of staring one strictly for gardening advice, stories, etc…I’ll be visiting here often for inspiration. I am following your blog as well on blogcatalog. Cheers!

  4. Christa says:

    I wish i owned that beautiful garden.
    My garden is about 5 1/2 meters long and 2 meters wide i need some ideas for what i can do with this small space? do you have any ideas or any web sites that i can go to? thanxs

  5. A beautiful flower you have in the house reminds me of my garden in the village during the summer. Unfortunately the climate in my country allows me to enjoy such beauty only in the warm season, 3-4 months, other times because of the snow can not see anything: * (

  6. Josefina Argüello says:

    Such a beautiful garden! I have many of dahlias in my garden, that’s the Mexico national flower but my garden is so tiny. Here, a photo. Hope you like it 🙂

  7. garden design sydney says:

    That second photo is so green and lushly verdant!

  8. Aby Hunter says:

    Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. However, what impresses me most is that Midnight seems to have the sense to enjoy the sun and NOT dig up everything in her path! How DO you keep her otherwise occupied?

  9. MaryJones says:

    The mix of red and white Tulips, Heuchera, Astilbe, perennial Geranium, and tiny shoots of Phlox and Hostas is actually beautiful. can you lend me some of your plants? they are just awesome! i have lots of Dwarf Danfordia Irises in my yard and I would like to have your mix.

  10. Your garden is really beautiful. I love every flower in your garden. It’s so pretty to look at. Now, I’m getting excited to start gardening in my backyard and make it as beautiful as yours. Thanks for sharing your garden pics.! I’ll be visiting this site more often and see what’s coming up. ayt?! =)

  11. Barnsley Wedding Photographer Mark Pearson Photography says:

    I just love the spring time. I spend my entire year photographing weddings so generally won’t pick a camera up between assignments, apart from the spring time.

    I just love the new growth that arrives, so refreshing after a long hard winter of greyness :o)

  12. Eminent Photo says:

    Sadly its been a long time since I had a proper garden. Used to have a nice one some years back, it had a section with a beautiful Japanese garden. Made for some wonderful photos.

  13. böcek ilaçlama says:

    Really. is good photos.