Gila suggests Sleek and Modern updates for the Modern Home

Gila suggests Sleek and Modern updates for the Modern Home

I always think of Spring as a time of renewal. It’s certainly true in my climate where everything goes dormant for winter and then slowly wakes up again in the spring.

I feel the same way about the inside of my house as I’m sure a lot of people do .. hence the term “Spring Cleaning” I suppose.

The tips above from Gila are a few great ways to freshen up the look and feel of your home and to even save some money on your cooling bill! We use a Window film on our South Facing windows and it’s helped to cut down glare and keep the room a little cooler.

Which of the suggestions listed above sound like a task you might tackle around the house this Spring – painting the walls? applying Window Film? have your carpets cleaned? Polish the floors or even replace worn fabrics such as older curtains?

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  1. Garden Sheds Manchester says:

    Well, I’m looking to do almost everything on this list! I recently bought a new house and the walls could definitely do with a new lick of paint; it looks like the old inhabitants just walked around with their fingers attached to the walls! Then I’m going to clean my carpets with carpet cleaner and finally, polish my wooden floors. Sounds like too much for one person, I might have to get my lazy husband to contribute…

  2. There are many ways to update your home. You sure do have a lot of ways to do just that on your website. I also really like the style of your blog here. I have a blog too but its about home aquaponics, check it out for more information.