What is your home furnishing style?

Home furnishing styles

Every few years I get the urge to redecorate my home, but of course, who can afford to complete refurnish a home? Pretty much no one these days, I’m sure.

I’m sure you know I don’t redecorate my home every few years. When I was much younger than I am now it was much harder than it is now to overcome the urge to go out and buy new furniture.

What I did do was to try to purchase furniture that I thought I could love for many years after carefully thinking about what styles I really like in my home. The information above discusses several iconic American home furnishing styles such as Beach Cottage, Shabby Chic, Deluxe and Classic and Lux and Modern.

The style my home is furnished in is a cross between modern and shabby chic. Yes I know it’s an odd mix, but we live in a house built in the 1920’s that we’ve been renovating ourselves.  We’ve opened it up so it has a very modern open concept and half of our furnishings are very modern and the other half are the exact opposite – antique or vintage.  We get quite a few compliments about our decor and even people walking past our house when our doors are open stop to look and comment so I guess it must work.  The main thing is that we like it.  I satisfy my urge to redecorate by moving the furniture around rather than going out and buying new furniture.

What is your decorating style?

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  1. air conditioner san antonio says:

    Really now a days we are seeing that the trends of everything changes very quickly like the furniture and we can’t run step by step with the changing trends. The best idea in my opinion is that we should buy such furniture that looks good and simple because simplicity never gets out of trend.

  2. Shabby Chic says:

    I really love the shabby chic style. I’m in the middle of decorating my room at the moment and I’m doing it in a vintage/shabby chic style. Being a student, this style is perfect as it can be achieved on any budget! x