Pets and gardening go hand in hand

Iams Naturals

I’ve often wondered how many gardeners own pets? It just seems that a love of nature and a love of pets goes hand in hand. Of course … pets can be pests in the garden if you’re not careful! We’re lucky in this regard – our Labrador Retriever, Midnight, has always been fairly good in our garden. She loves the backyard and ever since she was a puppy we taught her to respect the garden beds. She doesn’t go into them at all! Now that’s a good dog.

Naturally our good dog is well rewarded for her behavior in the garden and in our home. She’s a good girl and she’s well loved. As I said she’s well behaved in our garden and fairly well behaved in the house too. I suppose we treat her like one of the family with all the love and attention she gets.

So – fellow gardeners – Do you have a pet dog or cat? Do you pamper it with love, attention and good food?


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  1. Ethos Pathos Logos says:

    I have a small dog. He likes chewing on a particular plant. I used to think he was the biggest pest, however I realized that he only chewed on one specific plant. So I let him have that one, he doesn’t chew too much so its always there for him. At this point I’ve stopped caring, and I guess his reward for staying away from my other plants is chewing on that single plant.

  2. landscape-plants says:

    It took me ages to train my little spike not to dig in the garden.

  3. Jennifer Williams - Dissertation Helper says:

    Yes, You are right. I love my dog……..not a do…….He is my son.

  4. cheap VPN says:

    I do love my pet and my flowers. So far the two can actually get along together.