Autumn blooms from my garden

It’s started to get cool here in Toronto and I suppose it’s time to get the garden and yard ready for winter even though I’m dreading the arrival of snow and ice! Ah … too soon to think of those things isn’t it?

Anyway … Last weekend I decide it was time to get a start on preparing the garden for winter so we got to work at putting away our patio furniture and tidying up the garden beds to some degree. We still have a lot of work to do, but at least we got things started.

While I was working in the garden I noticed that quite a few of my fall flowers were blooming so I got out my camera and took quite a few pictures. Here’s a few of my favorite garden photos from last weekend:

Toad Lilies! The only time of year that I can see lovely Toad Lilies blooming is in late September through October. Aren’t they absolutely lovely?


Then there are these lovely chrysanthemums. I have a large planter of them on my front porch blooming their pretty little heads off.

chrysanthemums 3

Sedum always shines at this time of year. I always think of it as kind of a filler plant in the spring and summer, but come Autumn it’s a star when it begins to bloom and turns lovely colors.


Monkshood is another Autumn favorite of mine. I have two types of Monkshood growing in my backyard garden. I believe the type in the photo below is Monkshood Azure.

Monkshood 9

This last photo is my favorite. Of course it’s a rose. This rose is Chicago Peace. It’s not as colorful as it would be in the Spring or early summer … but it’s still lovely. If it weren’t for the little tiny green leaf on one of the petals I think this would be an almost perfect picture of this rose.

Chicago Peace Rose

Do you still have flowers blooming in your garden? If you do what’s blooming?

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  1. buy dedicated server says:

    I wish to have such beautiful flowers in m garden. I really appreciate that you have shared this inspiration post.

  2. Wow, I really love those toad lilies! Nice pictures!

  3. Teddy Bear says:

    Awesome flowers you have. I wish I could also have those kind of flowers on my garden especially those chrysanthemums. I can’t seem to grow them.

  4. Eminent Photo says:

    Well, the rose is my favorite too, though the toad lilies are a very close second. Very nice and sharp 🙂