Healthy and Happy dogs

It’s not that hard to raise a healthy and Happy dog, but like anything, you do have to work at it a bit.

Pets, just like people need regular medical checkups, a balanced healthy diet and love and attention.  The better the quality of care it stands to reason that your pet will have a long and happy life in your home.

We have a four year old Labrador Retriever and I have to say that she’s my favorite girl. She makes me laugh and smile every day.   She keeps me happy and healthy by putting a smile on my face and by getting me out for walks etc and I keep her healthy and happy by playing with her, walking her, feeding her good food and making sure she sees her vet at least once a year for her check up and shots.

IMG_9049 copy

How do you keep your dog happy and healthy?


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  1. Before I moved to one of the condos in downtown Austin, I live with my parents’ house and I have a miniature Dachshund. She also makes me laugh and smile everyday because she’s such a sweet thing. One of the reasons why I look forward to visiting my parents is because of my dog, as I left her there as per my mom’s request.