The quality of your pet food is important

I’ve always believed that it’s important to feed my pets the healthiest diet I possibly can in order to ensure their health.  Even when I had reptiles (yes I had several lizards at once believe it or not!) I used to make special salads for my iguana and prepare special food to feed the crickets that were fed to my lizards.  So you can only imagine that now that I have a dog how careful I am about her food.

Luckily there are high quality dog foods out there – you just have to do a little research to make sure it really does have quality ingredients like those described in the above information.

IMG_7981 copy

My Labrador Retriever Midnight has been eating quality dog food since she came to live with us at eight weeks of age.  She was quite ill when we got her and we had to give her a lot of tender loving care to make her healthy.

She’s four years old now and she’s doing great.  Obviously from the photos and stories that I post every now and then you can see that she’s a great dog.

She has a great personality and I think she might even have a sense of humor .. because she’s downright silly … just look at this last picture – I swear she posed for this by rolling over with her favorite bone in her mouth. I call her my silly girl.


How do you care for your dog? Do you try to feed your dog a food with quality ingredients?


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  1. What a beautiful dog. I agree that our pets need good nutrition and quality food.

  2. Philip Langley says:

    Yes – a lovely dog indeed. We feed our dog (a Heinz 57 rescue dog) on high quality dry food plus plenty of raw bones and chicken frames.

    he’s VERY healthy:)



  3. Berks Lawncare says:

    I’ve gotta say, this article makes me miss being a pet owner. That is a great looking dog too.

  4. Alternative Eden says:

    What a lovely looking dog. it’s been so many years since we last had a dog. maybe time for a new one, and yes good food is essential!

  5. omg beautiful dogs i want a one