A lovely early Spring

I haven’t been writing in this blog very much recently. Life has a way of getting in the way and in my case it got in the way BIG TIME. I don’t think that’s going to end anytime soon, and it’s affect my writing in all of my blogs, but I’m going to try to write more.

I do want to remind my readers that I have another gardening blog that I hope to write in regularly as well. It’s called Organic Gardening Tips and as the name implies it’s about organic gardening. As I’ve mentioned in many of my posts on this blog I don’t use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers on my garden beds. I use organic materials so I suppose this blog is also an organic gardening blog as well.

Yellow daffodils 3

In other news – my garden is doing very well this spring! I don’t think that I lost any roses this year. It was a very warm winter with barely any snow here in Toronto. So warm in fact that my roses started to leaf out in mid March! I’ve never seen that happen before. They usually don’t start getting leaves or even turning green until mid April or even later.

Everything is growing and I’d say that my garden is at least 1.5 months ahead of itself. My Crocuses, Glories of the Snow, Snow Drops, Hyacinths and the first of the Daffodils are just about done now. I’m waiting to see what will bloom next.

How is your garden doing this lovely Spring?

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  1. Spring is definitely the season for blooming of flowers and other plants. I have been working on my mini-garden at the back of my place and I can say that I can see improvement in my mini-garden. I read that you have a wide variety of plants and flowers around your backyard. I am considering planting those in my mini-garden too!

  2. The thought of spring and flowers just makes you wish you had a small garden on your front lawn or backyard. It will be great looking at those leaves switching colors. Envious with your flowers. Cheers!

  3. Alaska Junction new homes says:

    I could imagine how your garden looks like. Full of flowers, full of colors. It would be great to some of your garden. 🙂

  4. Barbara Wilde says:

    Unfortunately, it seems as if the British weather hasn’t made up its mind about the seasons. I seem to be mowing the lawn every other day at the moment.

    At least the plants are getting some water. It looks like you are having more luck than me though! Good luck!

  5. Your roses started leaving in mid-march? That’s incredible! I am so jealous. It’s been absurdly cold in Boston, preventing a lot of my usual gardening schedule and strategies.

  6. Spring is such a beautiful season for flowers. Not that I dislike any of the other seasons (although winter can certainly be a pain in the butt), but something about spring and the foliage it brings rings beautiful to me. I think I’ll go stop by a large tulip field soon! Good luck with your flowers!

  7. Edmond landscaping says:

    Spring is truly a great time for us to improve our lawns and backyards. These information that you have shared regarding such are very helpful. Thanks for sharing a very informative article.

  8. Garden Blogger says:

    Spring is certainly the time to get back out in to the garden and start planting unfortunately for me living in Scotland we haven’t had a Spring this year just more of a continuation of Wintere :(. I live vicariously through garden blogs these days ha!