My garden blooms

I haven’t been taking as many photographs of my garden this summer as I usually do.

I think this is in part because of the hand injury that I incurred in early June which made it hard for me to do any gardening, watering or even to hold a camera – or blog. The other reason why I haven’t taken a lot of pictures is because, once the really hot weather hit my garden – in June and July and it didn’t rain much at all – hint – not at all … and I wasn’t watering much because of my hand injury – my plants weren’t blooming very much at all.

Oh don’t get me wrong. My garden was getting some care. My husband was watering it on and off, but not as much as it should have been watered in all that heat and I think even if we’d been watering it daily the plants still would have been in survival mode because it was a much hotter summer than ever.

When my plants have bloomed the flowers have been spectacular. Thankfully, now the we’ve reached the end of August the weather is starting to cool somewhat and we are getting a bit more rain so my plants are a lot happier than they have been for a while. That means they’re starting to bloom again.

The Fairy Rose

Purple Clematis

Purple Clematis jackmanii

Iceberg Rose

Iceberg Rose

What’s blooming in your garden?

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  1. Constantly Gardening says:

    Glad your Garden is finally recovering after the hot weather it looks like it was glorious in the spring. Unusually for Ireland we had a lot of dry weather this summer which caused havoc for farmers and gardeners alike. It seems our summers are getting dryer (not warmer unfortunately) and our winters colder. It’s great to see blogs like yours talking about gardening in a climate different from our own. Although you should post more now your hand is all better. 🙂

    Anyway I find late blooms are always lovely in a garden whatever the reason for it and yours look lovely. Our drier summer has meant there has been tons of growth late in the summer with the warm ground and the rain. Everything thing looks even greener than usual here.

  2. tour in ecuador says:

    Hello dear..
    I like your way of posting your thought. Really it is nice and informative. gardening is an art of living your life for nature. And one thing i like to add that it is not in everyone hand that they can plant and see it growing. It require a long patient.
    I like to say something please keep posting

  3. Aquaponics - Organic Gardening says:

    Nice pics – thanks for sharing. 🙂

    As one avid gardener to another, I wonder if you’re familiar with the aquaponics gardening technique and if so, what are your views on that.

  4. cosplay costume says:

    Just love the iceberg rose! Thanks for sharing your garden with us!