Cheap Fall Landscaping Ideas

The changing of the trees into their brilliant gradients of reds, oranges and yellows can only mean that fall is here again. To most people, fall brings pleasant thoughts of Halloween, fresh apple cider, leaf piles and pumpkin pie. For many, it can also stir a desire to do some fall landscaping. With nature in the height of its colorful glory, there are so many ways to accentuate your home during the fall.

Fall-Blooming Flowers

This time of year, you can find great selections of flowers that bloom profusely in autumn. Chrysanthemums, ornamental kale, pansies and even marigolds are just a few of the available choices that look good and don’t cost much. Each of these plants comes in an enormous variety of colors and bloom sizes, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Some autumn flowers, such as chrysanthemums and pansies, will bloom clear up to the first frost. Many will even survive the winter and provide you with equally lovely color in the early spring.


You can’t have fall without gourds. Some decorative gourds are very small, but there are also large varieties that make fantastic fall landscape accents. Pumpkins are also popular choices for their cheerful orange color and slow decomposition. Another fun idea for using gourds as landscape decorations is to paint them. Gourds with long, curved necks can be painted to look like geese, while others can be painted with faces or designs. Because painting doesn’t involve any dangerous objects, it’s a great alternative to letting the kids carve pumpkins!

Autumn Accents

More than anything, it’s the little things that remind you of fall the most. To spruce up your lawn in the fall spirit, try adding some hay bales and cornstalk bundles. They’re great for arranging your gourds around, as well as any flower containers you have. In fact, you can even plant your flowers directly into the hay bales! Just cut a hole into it, add a little soil and put the plant’s root ball inside. Make sure it stays moist.


Baskets are closely associated with fall’s bounty. They’re also inexpensive and can be easily found at thrift and dollar stores, garage sales and antique shops. Furthermore, baskets can be found in all kinds of sizes, colors and shapes. You can place anything inside of a basket as decoration, too. Gourds, dried flowers, colorful leaves and fresh-picked apples are just a few ideas. If you have a garden, you can also use them to transport your harvest for a delicious autumn meal. Did you remember to grow sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner?

Whether you’re planning a fall festival or just enjoy changing your landscaping with the seasons, Lawn Connections Landcapers in Keller can help.


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  1. Thanks for the Guest Post! I love fall colors and I always make sure I have some Chrysanthemums and ornamental kale in my flower pots on my front porch each fall. I have lots of other fall flowers throughout my garden as well.