Mistakes You Should Avoid While Practicing Landscaping In Your Backyard

With the onset of spring or summer, most of the people pull out their gardening kit and start sprucing up their backyards. Landscaping the yard becomes essential not just to make the house look more beautiful but also because most of the family functions are held in that particular area of the house. A well built and maintained landscape can be a considerable source of satisfaction and enjoyment. Maintaining a landscape is easier said than done. Landscaping efforts will only be fruitful if they are done in a proper manner.

Prime and most perfect time for landscaping is the fall and winter season. During this time of the year, you can consider taking up all the landscape renovation or build up plans. To enhance your knowledge on what is good and what would look the best, you can consider watching some gardening programs on the television or go visit some home and garden show. But all these learning and know-how has little relevance when spring fever hits in. The inspiration to get on to those beautiful looking backyards, leads the person to take some hasty decisions, which messes with the whole landscaping efforts. Don’t fall prey to such mistakes even unknowingly. Below are some the most common landscape mistakes that gardeners usually make. Read it and avoid it!

Using excessive lawn ornamentation

In the context of landscaping, the concept of more the merrier just do not apply. Many people generally commit the mistake of installing too many decorative pieces in their backyards which instead of adding to the beauty, mars it. So, before buying any decorative item your lawn, first try and figure out how you will position it and if it is necessary. At times it is better to have just one small whimsical statue than having ten. Think, consider and re-consider before you decide to include some of the statues in your backyard.

Planting trees just too deep

Many people are of the impression that adding more soil in and around the tree is just like giving it more support. But is this true? No! More soil only chokes the tree and just does not produce the required results. Hence to avoid such issues, ensure that you test the main stem and the tentacles before planting it on the ground. Best and easiest way to solve this issue would be to dig out a hole up to the height of the bag of the tree.

Many people think that by cutting their grass short, they will need to mow it less. But this myth again is far from the reality. If the grass is cut just too short then you are doing nothing but inviting the insects. One of the best ideas would be to cut the trees into varied lengths on different seasons. During winters, you can consider cutting it too short so that the sunlight well penetrates into the soil. In summers, you can leave the blades standing up tall as this would act as a shelter to the soil.

Fertilizing properly is essential

Over fertilizing or no fertilizing at all, both are bad for your landscape. Consider visiting your garden centre and drawing some tips on what are the best fertilizers for your yard. This would not only ensure a healthy growth of your plants but will also give your yard that amazing look which you always craved for.

Today’s article is contributed by Chase Cullen. He is a writer who has written articles for many popular magazines and newspaper. He is also working on a novel. His hobbies include gardening and painting. He says for lush, green landscaping and lawn, people have to put in time and effort in its upkeep.

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