Become a Guest Blogger For As the Garden Grows

I’d like to keep this blog up to date with fresh and relevant content for my readers. With that in mind I’d like to invite writers and my fellow bloggers to contribute to this blog by submitting guest blog posts.

Benefits of writing Guest Blog Posts

1. When your article is published your author’s photo and bio appears at end of article along with a link to your website or blog.

2. Your article will be Tweeted to our Twitter followers and Facebook followers, and viewed by this blogs readers therefore your writing will be exposed to a large audience.

3. It’s great publicity for both you as a professional and your website or blog. It could help you attract new readers to your own blog and connect with like-minded individuals around the world.

4. It’s valuable experience for your personal and professional development.

How to become a Guest Blogger at As the Garden Grows

Becoming a Guest Blogger for As the Garden Grows is fairly simple. All you need to do is submit your article for review.

There are a few guidelines for submitting articles that I’d like you to follow:

1. Submitted articles should related to this blogs content. Please take a look at this sites categories to see what kind of topics are regularly discussed on this blog.

2. Article length should be between 300 and 650 words

3. Articles must be original works by the author. If you submit an article to this site please do not submit it to other sites until you’ve received a response as to whether it will be published on As the Garden Grows. I do require exclusive reprint rights, and that the post be unique content. Articles on the site will be checked prior to publication and post publication for duplication.

4. Submitted articles should be helpful, informative and provide something of value to the readers. We won’t publish anything that is promotional or commercial in nature.

5. Do not include affiliate or commercial for profit links within your post.

6. If you choose to include an image in your post, you must be sure that you either own the image or you have permission to use them. Creative Commons search is a great website where you can find images that are licensed for commercial use.

7. Please check your spelling and grammar. I reserve the right to do minor edits on submitted articles as needed, generally this will only involve spelling or grammatical errors. If larger edits are necessary you will be contacted.

8. ** Please remember when you submit your article to also include a two or three line Bio, a Gravatar image or link to your Gravatar and one image that you might want to include in the post. **

Once you submit your article I will either proceed to publish it within a few days or I will contact you and let you know that it will not be published so that you can offer it to another site.

Please visit the CONTACT page to submit your guest post. Thank you!

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