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heurchera Leaves

I’ve very pleased to announce that the snow that covered my garden beds for most of the winter is now almost gone and that there are signs of life in the form of green sprouts coming up everywhere in the garden and even my lawn.

I saw our first crocus, a white one, in a sunny area of our back lawn on Tuesday. The next day I went out into the garden with our puppy and I noticed that the crocus’ that I’d planted at the edges of the raised garden beds, in the lawn, were starting to appear as well. There were no other flowers but their distinctive green leaves were sprouting up in several places.

I grow strawberries along the edge of a few of our garden beds and as per usual once the snow disappeared the plants were looking leafy and green.

Chives, heuchera, a few tulips, iris and perhaps even some daffodil leaves are making an appearance as well.

It’s a Spring beautiful day here in Toronto. So in a little while I hope to go out and begin to tidy up a few garden beds. I’m not going to do too much. Just clear off some of the dead foliage. No pruning or clipping just yet.

I’m certain that once I clear off some of the leaves that have blown into the garden beds and take away the dead foliage that’s matted down on the beds I’ll discover that quite a few plants are beginning to grow.

I just love this time of year in the garden. It’s a joy to see those first few green sprouts and to dream of what’s to come.

Peony new growth

Maybe I’ll get lucky and discover that the peonies are beginning to come up.

How is your garden doing today?

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