Moog Taurus Pedal


The Moog Taurus pedal is an analog synthesizer that is played with your feet. It helps fill out the song your playing with that real church pipe organ/deep base register sound. The best example of this sound is when The Police used this pedal at the beginning of Don’t stand so close to me. This ancient, blast for the past, is precisely what your looking for, if you want that little extra something for your sound!

If you’ve ever seen a church organ up close or in pictures, then you may have a better idea of what this instrument looks like. Hey, if you ever went to someone’s home and they had one of those ‘ol cheezy home organs, then you’d have a good idea as well! The Moog Taurus pedal looks exactly like the pedals at the bottom of these organs. You play it with you feet!

The Moog Taurus Pedal has been around for ages. Bands that have or had them in their musical arsenal are bands like RUSH, YES, Pink Floyd, the Police and many other rock, fusion and metal performers from yesterday, right up to the present day scene!

The thing that got me thinking of this was while playing with CounterPoint the other night. Chris Noto, the best bass player that I have ever had the privilege of playing with, brought it up while taking a break. He said his brother has one and that he’d love to get it from him if he could, and believe you me, this guy REALLY knows what he is talking about. The way this guy plays the bass, if he had one of these things, it would sound like he is playing 3 instruments at once! Just imagine what it could do with your sound.

So check out the links on this page and learn for yourself what this could do for your band’s sound.

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. says

    Ohhhhh, the sound if unreal Thom. I only wish that I had bought one ages ago! I guess it’s never too late now is it?

    Keep on Jammin’ Thom

  2. Roselyn, The Goji Girl says

    Thank you for sharing Chris Noto. My nephew wants to play bass in the school’s band ever since he learned how to strum. I sent him the link to this blog ‘coz I know it’ll be helpful. The Police is a favorite of mine though I haven’t had time to listen to my collections lately… until now. Ah, yes, there’s the distinctive sound of the Moog Taurus. I could never have known it if I hadn’t read your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    You are more then welcome Roselyn. Go back to Chris’s site and ask him for some bass tips to show to you nephew. Chris is a great guy and he’ll be more then happy to steer him in the correct direction. Tell him I sent ya!

    Keep on Jammin’ Roselyn’s little nephew!

  4. Musical Instruments says

    Did anyone get to have a go on the new Taurus pedal at NAMM in January? It’s totally rad. I’d like to hear if anyone thinks it’s better / worse than this model..

  5. says

    I didn’t go Musical Instruments but I wish I did. I’ve hear good things about it have you been there?

    A buddy of mine just got a new Taurus pedal but for the life of me I can’t remember which model/year?

  6. Gerald Stidham says

    I never knew what those pedals were called. My grandmother played the organ, and I always saw her working her feet, but had no history on the pedals. Who would of thought such names like YES, the Police and others used these pedals in their bands…thanks for the post

    Keep rocking!