The Ramones Museum in Berlin looks like fun


The Ramones are the forefathers of what genre? Some might call them new masters of garage rock minimalism. Others refer to the Ramone’s unique sound as either punk, new wave, power pop, or even surf punk but I just call them a GREAT Rock & Roll band!

So where did this idea for a post come from you say? To be honest with ya I was going through the paper the other day … while waiting in the ER at work as a patient this time around! I threw out my back a little bit while moving a VERY LARGE SET patient in a stretcher to his room. The Star (a big newspaper in Toronto) hands out free papers for patients and friends for free. I found an article in the Travel section. It was about what to do and see in Berlin, if your ever there, then this article about the Ramone’s Museum jumped right off the page at me. Check out the exhibits on the site, their really neat … I think you have to be a die hard Ramones lover to appreciate them.

My God they pulled off some great albums, 24 I think in total! The one’s that I had at one point in my life were Ramones (1976), Rocket to Russia (1977) and End of the Century (1980). I know that it’s hard to picture any of these musical creations in a vinyl collection such as mine but I knew they were a true stand out band that had their eyes wide open about the world in which they/we live in.

Tunes like Hey Ho … Let’s go!, Rock & Roll High School (I fell in love with that little riff just before the chorus, that was my idea of speed guitar soloing!!!), I wanna be sedated, Pet Sematary, Do you remember Rock and Roll Radio and a ship list more!

The thing that ties the Ramones way of life or legend together the most is not a song, album or scandal but the bar that seemed very close to their hearts and that of coarse was CBGB’s in New York city. I just drove by the place in a cab the couple of times that I was in the New York city and that was the closes that I ever got to the place! CBGB’s has such a close relationship with the band that they hold a Joey Ramone memorial ever year for the God father of Punk (or whatever you yourself classify them as being).

I’ve never been to Germany before but has someone out there been to this historic city and went to see the Ramones Museum? Is it worth going to even though you may not be a HUGE Ramones fan? Just wondering!

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. Electric Guitars says

    I’ve lived in Berlin for a long time and to my shame did not know this was here, so thanks!

  2. Guitar Bob says

    A mate of mine recently got back from the museum and said it was well worth the visit for a Ramones fan, although it is strictly for Ramones fans, so, don’t plan a family holiday around it.

  3. says

    That is great to see that I could help you expand the rockin’ roll experince from such a remote location as Canada Electric Guitars.

    Did you get the opportunity to check it out? We’d love to hear back from ya!

    Keep on Jammin’