Centennial Stage construction at the CNE


I was watching a news story a couple of months ago about vintage videos, both from private and official video collections, from some of the past CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) years. The people who run the CNE thought that they had something special here and they wanted to share it with the rest of the world. They weren’t quite to sure how to achieve this, but they eventually decided to put it up on Youtube so that everyone could enjoy the CNE archive films.

I just watched quite a few of the CNE videos and I have to say that some of these clips brought back a flood of fantastic memories of past visits to CNE or The EX as most of us locals call it.

My favorite video of the entire collection was the one that showed the making of the main portable stage at Exhibition Stadium. Up until watching the video that I have, BTW included at the end of this post, I never knew the actual name of this stage. They call it the Centennial Stage.

This stage supported some of the greatest acts of the 20th century! The Who, Pick Floyd, The Police, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, John Cougar Mellencamp (ha, I finally had the chance to say his old name out loud!) and Simon and Garfunkel just to name a few. The best show that I have witnessed there, from a pure sound point of view, was Pick Floyd in 1987? They went all quadraphonic on us at that show, very trippy!!!

So I hope that the video below brings back some great memories for you if you had the chance to visit this stage or the Toronto CNE in the past.

Keep on Jammin’

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