John Mayer signature Martin Acoustic guitar


My nephew Patrick told me that he just picked up a Martin OMJM (John Mayer Signature Model Acoustic Electric Guitar) during our Christmas dinner at my parents place. Patrick says he purchased it in Buffalo a couple of months ago. I for the life of me can’t remember how much he paid for it but $1100 (US) rings a bell.

The best review I’ve read so far about this beautiful instrument is very detailed. The reviewer makes it extremely difficult for the reader NOT to run out and pick this baby up ASAP. If there is anyone out there that has more dollars then sense, then please send me a comment and I’ll forward you my home address so you can send one to me! Thanx in advance to my new best friend, where ever you are.

Just to clear some things out of the way, the OM in OMJM is a technique that guitar makers use to make an acoustic guitar more responsive. The OM guitar is a far more dynamic instrument by design that produces better bass and treble tonality simultaneously, in contrast with alternative guitar making techniques. I’m referring to dreadnoughts or classical type of guitars.

The manufacturers of the OM style acoustic guitars, are Taylor & Martin (they’re the ones who started this style in the first place). A ton of guitarists out there consider Martin, the hands down winner of the two.

I love Martin guitars. Before I even bought my Larrivee L-03, I had Martin acoustic guitars on my mind. Martin guitar had the name, the longevity of the product and let’s not forget about who actually plays them, that appealed to me at that time. When it came down to crunch time on which one I’d get, it was an easy choice.

I basically bought the L-03 to play one song on it. That song was On the Road by Max Webster and I was going to play with an old band that I was in way back in the day called Pylis.

The best sounding Martin that John Mayer used before Martin made the OMJM was his Martin OM-28v. The sound that he gets with this is just unreal and it appears to be super responsive as well.

So my nephew Patrick told be the other day that he and his new OMJM are heading up here soon for a little visit and I can’t wait. I’m more then sure I ‘ll tell you all about the visit after he leaves.

Keep on Jammin’

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