Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day


Ok this is way out there but Happy Bubble Wrap(B.W.) Appreciation Day!

Ah come on, everybody loves B.W! You have to admit that at least once in your life you saw a piece of B.W. just sitting there in front of ya, looking right back saying, Ah come on over here and get a little fix! Nobody’s watching.

Many years ago I ran a Computer VAR warehouse when the company was first starting up. I was looking for an in to this company so I took it and ran with it. Anyway, we had tons of bubble kicking around the place. We had it in large long rolls, small pouches for RAM and loose pieces everywhere. When things got a hint stressful, bang, bang could be heard throughout the warehouse. It also helps to stop smoking … I heard that somewhere.

So for some of you out there that might require a little bit of a B.W. popping fix, then this link is for you!

Keep on Popping!

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