What is the Fretlight Guitar


I just found this ad on my one of my sites for something called a Fretlight Guitar and the first thing that popped into my mind was a guitar neck that has lights inserted into a fretboard that indicates where to place your fingers.

I guess this would be a great idea for beginners but it does sound a little bit gimmicky to me. If you were a drummer, would you buy a drum kit that has lights in the middle of your drum skin, telling you which one to hit? I guess it’s a start.

I cannot say through personal experience if this guitar is worth it, for someone like myself, but it might be ideal for a beginner.

I found this silly/cheesy video that gets to the point in a humorous way. I found tons of other ones that would bore you to sleep or a guy in the video’s who’s voice would make you close your browser window faster then a speeding bullet, so I picked this one.

The guy below doing the critiquing is definitely not the type of guitarist that I would aspire to become but he cuts right to the meat and potatoes part of the question!

Obviously if you want more info about this guitar, just search their site or Youtube where of coarse you’ll find 5 billion video’s about it. I should know, I just spent roughly 1 hour doing so!

Pros about the Fretlight.

I will say that if you are just starting out playing the guitar and you might wish to find unique ways of speeding up the learning curve, then this might be an idea worth looking into. The software looks promising. Up to now, Fretlight has a limited number of songs in their program to show you, that will expand I imagine, as the company grows. Some of the options are interesting.

You can slow the speed of the song down when your learning from the software. In the beginning, your not as agile with your fingers as you think are. You need to slow down and take each part or phrasing of a song apart bit by bit until you master it. It’s better to sound like shit at home then in front of people! It’s great that they have a looping section here. This allows you to practice over and over again a part of the song until you have it down perfectly, this option I really like.

Cons about the Fretlight

This is JUST A PRACTICE GUITAR. The quality of the guitar is ok if that is what you want. For around $300 bucks, what do you think you’ll for that. I went to more then a couple of guitar forums and that seems to be the consensus.

If you have had any exposure to the Fretlight Guitar, then I’d love to hear your point of view of this instrument.

Keep on Jammin’

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