The Big Band sound going Indie?


I love that traditional Big Band sound, the feel, the excitement I get that flows through my veins after listening to a great track. The voluminous of bands like Bassie, Goodman, and Canada’s own Arthur Miller are just some of the bands that I remember listening to as a kid. Along with some RUSH, KISS, Steely Dan, YES, Zeppelin … I really had quite the eclectic musical tastes back when I was a kid. Now a days when I come across something new in the Big Band genre, it always stirs my curiosity.

While reading my biweekly Macleans, I read about this new band conducted by Darcy James Argue called Secret Society. To some out there they might not sound like the classically acknowledged Big Band groove that we have been exposed to from the past but it’s there sitting in the background, right in front of you. The way they put in some techno here and there is quite refreshing.

I hope that at least you will bring your own eclectic musical tastes with you when and if you give the below video a listen to. I like Secret Society here in this particular video but the best way to experience a group like this, in my eyes, are in a venue WITH OUT microphones! If ever had in the past then you know what I mean.

Keep on Jammin’

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